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M.Com (Master of Commerce)

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Enrolled: 10 students
Duration: 2 years
Lectures: 27
Video: 9 hours
Level: Advanced


Working hours

Monday 9:30 am - 6.00 pm
Tuesday 9:30 am - 6.00 pm
Wednesday 9:30 am - 6.00 pm
Thursday 9:30 am - 6.00 pm
Friday 9:30 am - 5.00 pm
Saturday Closed
Sunday Closed


The 2 years MCom course provides quality education to the students serving the needs of managerial cadre in business and industry. It also serves the purpose of research and teaching in business studies.

The course improves logical reasoning, analytical skills, communication skills, mathematical and statistical knowledge, business management skills, teaching and research skills. Therefore, candidates who are interested in becoming teachers, lecturers, professors and pursue higher education (PhD) usually go for this course.

Costs you 20,000 per year


The MCom courses are in high demand due to the financial benefits it provides to the candidates. The MCom courses are available in different modes and the large amount of specialization allows the candidates to carve a niche among the different industries. The following are the advantages a candidate can avail after the completion of course:

  • New Job opportunities:  The MCom course will provide improved job opportunities in the future. For example, the investment sector in India is expected to grow up to USD 1 trillion by 2025, thus providing employment opportunities for the MCom graduates. Similarly, the investment banking sector in India is expected to grow from USD 102.84 billion in 2020, to 111.45 Billion in 2021 at a CAGR of 8.4 %, and would reach USD 137.97 Billion by 2025. The Banking and Financial Service Industry (BFSI) which hires MCom graduates is expected to generate over 8 million jobs in the next 8-10 years.
  • Robust Salary: The MCom candidates are absorbed in different positions such as Account assistant, cost accountants, investment bankers, etc. The average MCom salary in India is INR INR 372,913 per annum, whereas the average fee ranges between INR 5000-INR 140,000. Hence, the candidates are able to recoup their investment easily. MCom graduates have job opportunities in almost every sector of the economy. Some of the top recruiters of MCom graduates are Cap Gemini, Dell, Infosys and others. Moreover, there is no age bar to pursue an MCom degree.
  • A safety net: Most of the MCom candidates pursue other professional courses such as Chartered Accountant (CA), Company Secretary or CFA. The reason is that these professional courses are tougher to pass. For example only 6% of the total candidates have passed both the group of CA exams. And the passing percentage of the CFA course is between 42-54 %. So if anything goes wrong the candidates would have something to fall back on.
  • A stepping stone: Most of the candidates who wish to take up teaching as a profession, especially in the commerce section, are heavily inclined in taking up a MCom specialization in their post graduate level exam. The MCom course is necessary for taking up the PhD programs in the future and serves as a preparatory course.
  • Development of Managerial Skills: The MCom Syllabus includes different subjects related to management of the organization and its people. The MCom syllabus is curated in such a way that the candidates equipped with skills to handle the finance, growth of company, create strategies to tide over difficult situation
  • MCom Specialization: The MCom course offers a large number of specializations that includes streams such as Finance, Accounting and Finance, Marketing, Computer application, Financial management, business management, etc. The different specialization improves the job prospect.
  • It allows the candidates to build up their networks with different batch mates as well as seniors, professors and alumni. The main idea behind networking is the creation of references for future jobs.
  • MCom qualification allows candidates to appear for competitive exams like civil services exam or exam related to finance and accounting requirements like income tax, CAG or excise departments.


  • Candidates who want to pursue a career in commerce stream should pursue the MCom course.
  • Candidates who wish to pursue a career in Banking Financial Service and Insurance (BFSI) sector should pursue the MCom course
  • Candidates who want to pursue different leadership positions in the industries should opt for the MCom courses.
  • Working professionals who have graduate certificates in commerce can pursue this course in distance mode to improve their job prospects
  • MCom Course is Ideal for pursuing a career as a Financial Manager..
  • Candidates who are not satisfied with their graduation degree in particular steam can choose a MCom Specialization according to their own interest
  • Candidates who wish to pursue a career as an Auditor can take up the MCom Course after the completion of their graduate program.
  • Aspirants who wish to start their own business can pursue an MCom course.
  • Candidates having aspiration of becoming a professor of commerce should pursue this degree as a stepping stone for the PhD program.


  • Candidates can pursue MCom Degree immediately after thecompletion of their graduate programs.
  • Candidates can pursue this degree after gaining some experience in relevant fields so that they can improve their career prospect.
  • Working professionals can pursue this course in distance mode after in order to gain promotion or upgrade their skills.

Is MCom Worth Doing It?

Before pursuing any course it is ideal that the candidates check out the worthiness of the course. In the present age where MBA is preferred by almost all the candidates, the question remains: Is MCom worth it? The answer is simple, Yes. First of all MCom is much cheaper than the other professional degrees such as MBA or PGDM Courses. While an MBA course can be seen as a Multi disciplinary course, the MCom Course only focuses on a specific aspect from the field of commerce. But this does not mean that the MCom course does not take into consideration the business management subjects. MCom program includes subjects such as Organizational Behavior, Organizational Management, Management Principles, that allows the candidates to compete with MBA graduates. Also MCom Course duration is similar to MBA and is much shorter than a CA course. Thus, to reaffirm again, MCom is worth doing.


The basic eligibility criteria to pursue this course is as follows:

  • Students need to secure a minimum of 50% aggregate in BCom or BCom Hons or equivalent from a recognized university.
  • Some universities also consider students who have completed Bachelor’s degree in Economics & Statistics, BFIA, BBS and BBE with a minimum aggregate score of 60% or equivalent from a recognized university.
  • Students belonging to Reserved category are entitled to marks relaxation of up to 5% in government universities.
  • There is no upper age limit for the admission to the MCom course.


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Semester 1

Advanced Corporate Accounting
Business Correspondence
Business Research
Economic Analysis for Managers
Applied Statistics
Office Automation Lab
Analysis using Statistical Tools Lab
Cultural Education

Semester 2

Accounting for Managerial Decisions
Corporate Income Tax
Financial Markets
Insurance Management
Corporate Laws
Advanced Tally Lab
Information Systems Lab

Semester 3

Advanced Financial Management
Small Business and Entrepreneurship
Security Analysis and Portfolio Management
Project Appraisal and Financial Planning
Enterprise Resource Planning and MIS
Elective I

Semester 4

Elective II – Finance Stream
Elective III- Systems Stream
Strategic Management
Integrated Marketing Promotion and Communication
Supply Chain Management and Logistics
Sustainable Business Administration
Faq Content 1
Faq Content 2

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