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DCA (Diploma in Computer Application)

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Enrolled: 45 students
Duration: 1 year
Video: 365 hours
Level: Advanced


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Monday 9:30 am - 6.00 pm
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DCA, Diploma in Computer Applications, is a one-year diploma course in the field of Computer Applications that allows the candidates to develop various IT and Soft skills required by IT or Industry or related job fields. It involves study of numerous computer applications such as MS Office, Internet Applications, Operating System, Database Management System (DBMS), HTML among other subjects.

Costs you 15,000 for an year


Diploma in computer application can be a beneficial course to study for those who want to gain a considerable amount of knowledge on computer related subjects in a shorter period of time. Below are a few more points to check why DCA can be a course with strong academic pedigree .

  • Employment Opportunities: Candidates after passing the program can take up a job role in the IT industry. The employment in the IT industry is expected to increase in the coming years. Last year even during the pandemic the IT industry in India generated over 132,000 jobs. This year the industry insider expects that the total vacancies can reach upto 150,000. Apart from the IT jobs the aspirants can find job roles in other sectors. Aspirants of this course can be used at companies for preparing a database for all the items including their serial numbers, price and quantity ratios.
  • An open to all course: To pursue DCA, the aspirants need no special criteria to follow and anyone from any stream with a high school degree can enroll in this course. This course thus allows anyone to improve their chance of getting employment in IT or related fields.
  • Duration: One of the most important benefits of the course is its duration. Being a one year program, DCA can help in saving a lot of time by covering all the important aspects of computer technology in just a year, making a student into a professional.
  • Less costly: The course can cost an individual a lot less than any degree course from a reputed institute and the program. The overall cost of the program ranges between INR 5000-INR 30000. The candidates are completing their course can land into jobs that pays between INR 200,000-INR 250,000, hence allowing aspirants to recouping their investment
  • Higher Study: If interested in studying further, one with a diploma in computer application can easily get a chance to go for bachelors in the same or related subjects and then for masters as well.
  • Passouts of this course are required to handle large data starting from back door operating to storing all sorts of information of an organization. It helps in finding employment in sectors like banking, insurance, accounting, e-commerce marketing as well as in government organizations may not seem difficult for any diploma holder of this course.


  • Candidates who wish to enter IT or related fields should take up this course.
  • The course is useful for candidates who wish to pursue a career as a computer programmer or software developer.
  • The course can be pursued by the candidates who wish to improve their skills and enhance their job prospects.
  • The course can also be pursued by candidates who wish to change their career path.
  • The course is ideal for candidates who are in desperate need to find a job quickly after completion of their studies.


  • The following are the eligibility criteria for the candidates should fulfill to study the Diploma in Computer Application course
  • The students who wish to pursue DCA are required to have passed Class 12 or equivalent examination from a recognized board.
  • No minimum cut-off is required and anybody who has completed high school can enrol for this course. Candidates from any stream can apply for the courses.
  • The candidates do not need to have prior knowledge of computer programming to pursue this course.


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