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LLM ( Master of Law)

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Enrolled: 15 students
Duration: 2 years
Lectures: 4
Video: 365 hours
Level: Advanced


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LLM translates to Master of Legislative Laws. With a core curriculum of subjects such as Law and Social Transformation in India, Constitutionalism, Legal Research and Methodology, Judicial Process, etc. a 2-year LLM course is offered in top LLM colleges in various specializations such as International Law, Criminal Law, Corporate Law, Taxation Law.

Costs you 50,000 per year


LLM or Master of Laws is a globally recognized postgraduate degree, undertaken by students from different academic backgrounds, however students with LLB background would be preferred. LLM degree is however ideal for candidates who are looking to develop their legal expertise in a particular component of law.


After graduating from top law college, it is crucial to pursue a LLM course. A LLM course will prepare you for a start in a legal career. The reasons why you should choose to pursue LLM course are as follows:

  • Prepares for an International Career: A LLM course in international law helps gain a competitive edge over other candidates and a chance to study law abroad.
  • Narrows Down Your Interests: Unlike undergraduate law courses comprising law in general, LLM course allows you to specialize in one particular field.
  • Switch Specializations: LLM course provides you the opportunity to specialise in a different field than what you might have chosen during your graduation from law.
  • Pursue a Career in Legal Writing & Research: Depending on the LLM specialisation, it offers you to have a career in legal research and writing by pursuing LLD after LLM.
  • Better Job Prospects: A degree in LLM will get you that salary hike and more opportunities than just a simple bachelors’ degree in law.


  • Students who want to have a career in law, in a specific specialization should pursue LLM Course.
  • Individuals with an aim to specialize in International law, taxation law, etc. should consider pursuing LLM Course.
  • LLM provides an opportunity for the students who want to specialize in one specific area in law and not just study law in general should try LLM course after graduation.
  • Almost any student practicing law and working in the field of law can consider studying LLM Distance Education.
  • Students who want to pursue a career in legal writing or become professors at top law schools should consider pursuing LLM courses with LLD courses after graduation.


Candidates who aspire pursue LLM are required to fulfil the following eligibility criteria as mentioned below,

  • Should have qualified LLB or Bachelor of Law with minimum 50% aggregate marks
  • The minimum age requirement for pursuing LLM is 17 years or more

Readtoready.com offers easy admission process on merit bases and allows the child to get admitted to his or her dream course easily


Readtoready.com offers easy admission process on merit bases and allows the child to get admitted to his or her dream course easily


The job profiles for students post completing LLM are mentioned below,

Job Profiles Job Description
Advocate An Advocate is someone who practises Law independently. He fights for people who think they are not being heard and an advocate fights for their rights and justice.
Judge A judge is someone who offers his noble decision post any argument in the honorary courts of India.
Notary A notary is appointed by the state or the central government on the recommendation of the courts. He stays as a witness to signing of various legal documents to lend legal credibility
Legal Document Reviewer A Legal Document Reviewer/Derivative’s job is to negotiate and review various kinds of legal documents and draft responses, ancillary documents etc.
Professor A professor imparts knowledge on all the subjects that are taught at various law schools and colleges.
Consultant A Legal Consultant/Associate assists in contract summarization, contract management, legal research, drafting, litigation and research-related projects.


The salary of an LLM graduate varies according to the job that s/he is doing. In general the average salary of an LLM graduate ranges from INR 4 – 12 LPA.

Below mentioned table will discuss the salary of various positions of an LLM Graduate,

Job Profiles Average Salary (INR)
Advocate 4.5 – 8 LPA
Judge 12 – 18 LPA
Notary 3 – 5 LPA
Professor 5 – 10 LPA
Consultant 6 – 9 LPA

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